Confocal Rig

Confocal Digital Imaging Facility (CDIF)

There are two Zeiss Laser Scanning Microscopes (LSM) available in this facility: an upright LSM 710 and an inverted LSM 510.

Upright LSM 710

  • Lasers: diode 405nm (UV), argon multiline (458nm, 488nm, 514nm), diode 561nm, Helium-Neon 633nm
  • Objectives: 10x/0.45 Plan-Apochromat WD 2.0mm, 10x/0.3 W N-Achroplan WD 2.6mm, 20x/0.8 Plan-Apochromat WD 0.55mm, 40x/1.0 W Plan-Apochromat WD 2.5mm, 40x/1.1 W LD C-Apochromat WD 0.62mm
  • Also available: 5x/0.16 Plan-Apochromat WD 12.1mm, 100x/1.4 Oil Plan-Apochromat WD 0.17mm
  • Detectors: 34-channel spectral detection, 8-channel AOTF
  • Computer: Intel Xeon 2.67GHz 6 Core, 6GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate, with StitchArt, Physiology and Multi-Time for ZEN 2010
  • Motorized PILine M-686 XY microscope stage, with 0.1 µm resolution, and joystick controller 

Inverted LSM 510

  • Lasers: Argon laser 458nm and 488nm, Helium-Neon laser 543nm
  • Objectives: 10x/0.5 dry Fluar, 20x/0.5 dry Plan-NeoFluar WD 2.0mm, 25x/0.8 immersion Plan-NeoFluar WD 0.21mm, 40x/1.2 W C-Apochromat WD 0.28mm, 63x/1.2 W C-Apochromat WD 0.28mm
  • Computer: Intel Xeon 2.93GHz CPU, 3 GB RAM, Windows XP SP3, with Zeiss LSM 510 vers. 3.2
  • Non-motorized, manual stage. 

The LSM 710 was purchased thanks to a NSF Major Research Instrument Grant led by Prof. Melina Hale and Prof. Victoria Prince. This equipment is made available to members of the University of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History, with a primary focus on researchers from the labs within the Hull Court of Biological Sciences cluster (Anatomy, Culver, Erman, and Zoology).

Trained users with facility access may click here to reserve time for either microscope. Users may reserve at minimum 30 minutes, and at most 18 hours, though extension is possible for time-series experiments.

More Information on the Confocal Microscope Facility

Adam Kuuspalu, Technical Director

Ph: (773) 834-8422


The Confocal Digital Imaging Facility is located in the basement  of the Anatomy building (1027 E 57th Street), in room 007.

Access to the facility is coordinated through the Technical Director, Adam Kuuspalu, and is typically granted after successful completion of a required facility orientation and training course.

For more information on facility access, please contact Adam at

Peak Hour Rate: $20/hour. 

Peak hours fall between 9AM-6PM, Monday-Friday.


Off-Peak Hour Rate: $15/hour. 

Off-peak hours fall between 6PM-9AM, Monday-Friday, weekends, and university-observed holidays.


Rates for the Confocal Digital Imaging Facility are periodically reviewed and updated.

You can make a training appointment by contacting Adam Kuuspalu, the Technical Director, at Appointments should be made at least one week in advance, and are dependent on the availability of the facility.

Required training for access to the Confocal Digital Imaging Facility involves learning how to properly use the LSM 710 confocal microscope.  It takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on your familiarity with microscopy.